RentLite Rental Management System

Our newest version has been launched and includes: driver’s license scanning, damage status records using images and onscreen signature capture for PDF rental agreements.

The major difference between RentLite and other rental software is function and cost. Usually our cost is half of our competitors but we offer all of the functionality that small to mid-size car rental companies need and want.

Constant change, as conflicted as that sounds, is the state of business today. Using a cloud based delivery model allows changes and updates to RentLite to be instantly utilized.

Using the internet to access RentLite allows the kind of flexibility that the big car and truck rental companies always use, but it is now available to any size car and truck rental company.

Unlimited Use

We offer unlimited fleet, unlimited users and unlimited rental agreements.

In other words, simply run your business without any concern about software cost just because you add one more car. Now small to mid–size car and truck rental companies can automate their operations with very little cost.

RentLite can organize your vehicle rental or car hire business without the usual cost.

RentLite is user friendly and capable of helping dealerships with their loaner program. Professional, fast and easy to use so that your customers only notice your great customer service, not how long your car rental software takes to complete a rental agreement.

Customization Included

Need a specific report? We are glad to help. Most custom reports are included with your subscription. Try that with the big guys!

Check out our features. Contact us directly if you have any questions.

Automobile loaners for dealerships can also be managed within RentLite.

Reservations, revenue, accounting reports and custom reports as needed. We are here to make your business run smoother with very little cost. Our low cost rental software is for small to mid–size car rental companies.

Website Reservations

Reservations can be integrated with RentLite and all car rental reservations will be available within your software without any extra work.

Full Feature, Low Cost

Check out these features...

...all at the lowest cost in the industry.

  • Scan driver’s license
  • On screen signature capture
  • RA via PDF
  • Damage Tracking using images
  • Website reservation module tied directly to RentLite
  • Reservation Tracking
  • Printable Reservations
  • Rental Agreement Customization
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Fleet Status
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Rental Source Tracking
  • Due Back Reports
  • Insurance Authorizations
  • Split Billing
  • Revenue Tracking
  • Daily Business
  • Options
  • Rental Fees
  • Taxes
  • Staff Permissions
  • Pay for RentLite month to month, no long term contract needed

...and more

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