RentLite Rental Management System


We are ‘Lite’ on set up. We are ‘Lite’ on management time to use. We are ‘Lite’ on staff time to learn and use. We are ‘Lite’ on cost...

...but we are fully featured!

Rental software, website development and a car and truck rental reservation system are the products that we can provide.

  • Rental Management System
  • Website Development and Deployment
  • Online Reservation System tied directly to RentLite system
  • RentLite Express for fleet–only tracking

RentLite was developed by Wilkinson Thomas Consulting.

The developers have more than 25 years of car and truck rental experience each! They have worked with many of the major companies such as Hertz, National, Discount and Advantage (southern Ontario). Our goal was to offer most of the options and functionality of the more expensive programs but at a much lower cost and make the system easier to learn and therefore taking less time away from managing your own company.

The benefits of RentLite include speed of use, ease of use, easy to access, standard reports, custom reports and our dedication to make sure that you are a satisfied customer. Tracking parking tickets, fleet history and current status are just a few of the functions within our system.

Wilkinson Thomas Consulting has developed RentLite to serve the small to mid−size car and truck rental business, dealership loaner or recreational vehicle (RV) rental business.

We focus on the most important part of consulting to the automotive industry: your results. When we assess, advise and develop any project large or small, our focus is to get you results. As consultants, we always want our work to benefit you and your company. We have been in the car rental industry for more than 50 years combined and we can help you with your business.

Organizing your business with RentLite, allowing us to set up a reservation system or contacting us about developing a website for your business is a great first step to put our knowledge and experience to work for your business.